Today's Amazing Child

Every day during the month of November, this page will feature unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Kevin


Photo by: Dina Ivory

Kevin is a quiet, but active young man who enjoys playing outside and interacting with children his age. Kevin is very affectionate with those he is strongly bonded with. He takes pride in opening doors for women and is very polite. Kevin is bonded with his older sister, Omni and would do well in a home that will allow contact to continue.

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Meet Omni


Photo by: Dina Ivory Photography

Omni is an African American teenage female who loves to smile and be around her friends. She enjoys writing, reading, singing, and acting. Omni is a part of her school's chorus and theater program. Omni is also a part of her church youth chorus. She enjoys her French class. Omni will read at least two books at a time. Her favorite books are fiction. Omni is very big on loyalty and respect. She is very intelligent and likes to express herself in artistic manners.

Heart Gallery Big Bend

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