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Today's Amazing Children

This page will feature unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Reba


Photo by: David Schulz

Reba is a very pretty young lady who is very anxious to be adopted. In fact, she asks her caseworker frequently if she has found a family for her yet. Reba is delightful, complex and sometimes very funny. She can also be very challenging. She is a very high energy, active child. She loves RAP music, riding her bike, and playing with her baby dolls. She also loves playing video games. She would love to have a mom who will take her to be pampered by having her hair and nails done. Reba is very outgoing and friendly and she loves attention but she wants to do things her way. She can be very helpful around the house. She receives special services in school to help her learn in her own way. Reba is working hard on some of her challenges but she needs a family who will accept her unconditionally, the way she is. She also needs a calm, very consistent family as she does not do well with constant stimulation and change. She wants a family that will support her relationship with her brother who is being adopted separately.

Families First Network

Meet Zachary


Photo by: Heart Gallery of the Big Bend

Zachary 'Zach' is a tall, shy young man who is very sweet and insightful. He enjoys playing football, doing yardwork, going to the beach, and riding his bike. Zach enjoys being in a big city where everything is close by and enjoys being very active. He loves all types of animals but only tolerates cats. Zach has a ton of hope for his future and is still thinking about what he wants to do when he becomes an adult.

Heart Gallery BIG BEND

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Meet Carlos, in our video spotlight.

To find out more information about the Amazing Children featured here please call 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678) or visit the Heart Gallery page.