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Today's Amazing Child

Every day during the month of December, this page will feature unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Malachi


Photo by: Partnership for Strong Families

Malachi is a very sweet and loving child who has a lot of energy to share! He has a bright and outgoing personality and enjoys playing with cars, watching cartoons, and playing football. He also enjoys being outside and swimming in the pool during the summer. Malachi also loves outings to the movies, so much that he has said he may not want to leave if he really likes the movie! Malachi loves to receive attention and positive praise when he does well at something and thrives when offered love and affection. Malachi would benefit from an active and fun-loving forever family, as well as one who will be encouraging and patient offering positive reinforcement and structure as he grows.

Partnership for Strong Families

Meet Jaheim


Photo by: Partnership for Strong Families

Jaheim is a vibrant and energetic young man who enjoys soccer and basketball. Jaheim has a great imagination and can often be found sketching cartoons of his favorite TV show characters like the X-Men and other unique creations of his own. For an interested listener, Jaheim is pleased to share the stories behind his sketches as well as to draft one up to your liking. Jaheim visits with his siblings and he desires to maintain a relationship with them. Jaheim wishes to be adopted and would bring much excitement, joy, and creativity to a family ready for colorful days ahead.

Partnership for Strong Families

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To find out more information about the Amazing Children featured here please call 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678) or visit the Heart Gallery page.