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Today's Amazing Child

Every day during the month of December, this page will feature unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Preston


Photo by: Britt Bee Photography

Preston is a special little boy. He will melt your heart with his million dollar smile. Preston loves to play video games and is very fond of trucks. He can be very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Preston would be a wonderful addition to any family. He is able to build great bonds and understands events occurring in his environment.

Preston walks, runs, steps, and climbs to a degree. His coordination and confidence in his motor skills are sometimes guarded. He was initially fearful of certain physical activities that require him to run or grab items; however, he overcame much of his fear and guardedness. He is developing more control in his fine motor skill coordination as well. He is able to hold a writing tool and an eating utensil. Preston is making great strides.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Meet Eric


Photo by: Britt Bee Photography

This handsome young man is Eric. He is has a good sense of humor and is fun to be with. Eric enjoys most sports but has a particular fondness for football and soccer. Eric is a connoisseur of movies and trivia. He is considered to be very bright with a promising future ahead of him. Eric has made remarkable progress and would like nothing more than a family he can call his home and who will support him through the good and the bad. An ideal family for Eric would be one without any children or with grown children. Eric would like a family whom he can share fun times with and a family that would allow him to maintain contact with his grandparents.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

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To find out more information about the Amazing Children featured here please call 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678) or visit the Heart Gallery page.