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Every day during the month of February, this page will feature unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Joseph and Patrick

Joseph and Patrick

Photo by: Pezz Photo

Joseph is a thoughtful, big-hearted kid who - if he could choose to change one thing about the world - would end people stereotyping one another. He's funny and easygoing and loves to read. If he isn't reading or sleeping he's playing basketball, and his ultimate goal is to play professionally. Although he's not too sure about plane travel, Joseph wants to have some adventures in life, and thinks it would be awesome to find the Lost World of Atlantis. He looks up to his big brother Patrick because he's "kind and caring," and he's looking forward to being part of a forever family that he "can talk to when [he] has a question or problem."

Patrick is a very earnest, respectful young man with a heart of gold. He's very intelligent and loves to read - especially science-fiction novels like Marco's Millions. He doesn't share his little brother's aversion to flying, and would love to have that experience, especially if the plane takes him to Paris! He's into all kinds of music and likes to play video games. He can often seem serious and reserved, but he's got a very silly side too! When he grows up, he'd like to be with a photographer or a therapist, and if he could be famous for anything, it would be for authoring a popular book series.

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