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Day 23

Meet Lauren


Photo by: N Johnson

Lauren is a beautiful girl who is friendly and outgoing. Lauren makes friends easily; as she is so open and free spirited. Lauren enjoys having fun and describes herself as athletic, friendly, goofy and sometimes a little loud. She enjoys all kinds of sports and has been on the track team and cheerleading squad at her local school. She also enjoys cooking and has hopes of becoming a chef. Lauren is an average student with her favorite subject being History and her least favorite being Math. She needs caregivers who will push her in academics and advocate for her in this area. Lauren is very polite. She is also somewhat reserved, especially when she meets someone for the first time. This is because she finds it hard to trust. However; once she is comfortable with you, her bubbly personality shines through - she becomes happy and upbeat. Lauren needs parents that will be patient, loving, and nurturing. Lauren needs a home with good structure and guidance to ensure that she will make the right choices in life. Lauren is a beautiful young lady who just wants to be loved unconditionally and accepted for who she is in a forever home. If you are that family: Lauren is waiting for your call.

The Heart Gallery of Southwest Florida

Day 22

Meet Joseph and Patrick

Joseph and Patrick

Photo by: Pezz Photo

Joseph is a thoughtful, big-hearted kid who - if he could choose to change one thing about the world - would end people stereotyping one another. He's funny and easygoing and loves to read. If he isn't reading or sleeping he's playing basketball, and his ultimate goal is to play professionally. Although he's not too sure about plane travel, Joseph wants to have some adventures in life, and thinks it would be awesome to find the Lost World of Atlantis. He looks up to his big brother Patrick because he's "kind and caring," and he's looking forward to being part of a forever family that he "can talk to when [he] has a question or problem."

Patrick is a very earnest, respectful young man with a heart of gold. He's very intelligent and loves to read - especially science-fiction novels like Marco's Millions. He doesn't share his little brother's aversion to flying, and would love to have that experience, especially if the plane takes him to Paris! He's into all kinds of music and likes to play video games. He can often seem serious and reserved, but he's got a very silly side too! When he grows up, he'd like to be with a photographer or a therapist, and if he could be famous for anything, it would be for authoring a popular book series.

Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay

Day 21

Meet Brianna


Photo by: Jamie Halstead

Brianna is a bright and intelligent young lady. She enjoys school and is particularly strong in math and science. Brianna was raised in church and still attends in her current home. Brianna likes to stay active and be involved in activities. She is on the cheer team at her school. Brianna needs the support of a loving family to help her reach her full potential.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

Day 20

Meet Boyia


Photo by: Brian Kasm

Boyia is a confident young man who describes himself as handsome, smart, and cool. Boyia would like to make a living in the music industry like his icon Drake. To get himself there, he is practicing his writing skills in addition to singing. If he could change the world, Boyia would make sure we all did a better job at keeping it clean. Upbeat and engaging, he enjoys cleaning, hanging out and playing basketball. Boyia hopes to be part of a forever family that would include a dog and siblings around his age.

Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery

Day 19

Meet Brandon


Photo by: Imagine Pro

A lawyer in training, Brandon is proudest of his ability to get along with people and his sense of humor. Brandon describes himself as caring and fun, traits that will come in handy if he ever gets his dream super power – the ability to read people’s minds! His favorite things include the TV show The Flash, playing video games, and the color blue. His favorite foods come from Taco Bell and he avoids Subway. Brandon enjoys getting to hone his drawing abilities in his art classes. If Brandon could change the world, he’d have peace. Brandon would like a dog someday in addition to a nice, fun and easy going family. Siblings are a bonus!

Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery

Day 18

Meet Beverly


Photo by: Jonathan R Photography

Strong-willed, loving, and independent, Beverly is a born leader. She enjoys learning about the world through her History and Civics course but prefers to be doing gymnastics! Beverly sees herself as being kind and beautiful. Beverly would someday like a family that loves her and allows her have a pet bunny.

Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery

Day 17

Meet Bella


Bella is a beautiful, loving young woman and a courageous survivor. In her short life she has had many very difficult and traumatic experiences but she has overcome them so that at this time she can only be described as a wonderful success story! Bella received all A’s and B’s in school last year and is in the 7th grade this year. Last spring she received the Cox Cable Inspirational Student Hero Award from her school. This is award is given to a student who has shown “great fortitude by successfully adapting or conquering personal problems, challenges or situations." Bella is an outgoing, fun loving, and bubbly young lady. She is very feminine and enjoys shopping and getting her nails and hair done. Her interactions with other children are very appropriate. She is a very sensitive young lady and she has been very good helping with an autistic child in her home. She loves individual attention and she is very appreciative when she receives it. Bella is very anxious to be adopted and she is more than ready to settle down and blossom in a loving, forever family.

Day 16

Meet Angel


Photo by: Lisa Sandor

Angel is a very friendly child, he is active, loves to talk, and meet new people. Angel likes football, drawing, and going to the beach. He also likes going to school, although he struggles behaviorally and academically sometimes. Angel is receiving help within his school to keep him on track academically. Angel said he wants a mom and a dad and a family that likes to have fun. Angel is a wonderful kid who loves to have fun. Angel needs a family with a lot of structure and patience and kindness.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Day 15

Meet Zhavon


Photo by: Christina Karst

Zhavon is a tall and handsome young man. He is very athletic and enjoys being the star on the basketball court. He was recently involved in an Independent Living program that challenges foster youth to work as a team, gain new independent living skills, and even got involved in horseback riding and camping. He thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and experiencing the outdoors with his peers. Zhavon is a sweet young man in need of a loving family that will be there for him and help him grow to his full potential.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

Day 14

Meet Terrence


Photo by: Studio One to One

Terrence is an active kid who enjoys playing basketball and football, and loves playing video games on his XBOX. Terrence is really into fast cars and is fascinated with Ferraris. His favorite type of music is hip-hop. Terrence can be a bit shy when he first meets someone, but will open up and relax once he gets to know you.

Open to being adopted, Terrence would do well in a structured home. He has a lot to offer, and looks forward to the day he leaves foster care and becomes a part of a forever family.

Heart Gallery Jacksonville

Day 13

Meet Omarion


Photo by: Brad Barr

Omarion is a friendly and polite boy who can be charming and fun to be around. Omarion would benefit from a family who can provide unconditional love, exude patience, set clear boundaries and provide supervision and guidance to this active child.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Day 12

Meet Lystra


Photo by: Elle Belle

Lystra is an outgoing teen who enjoys shopping, socializing with friends and dancing ballet. She looks forward to a bright future which includes college. We are exploring families that are open to birth sibling contact and have knowledge or experience with the impact of trauma and loss. Lystra seeks a committed family who will provide her with stability, opportunity, guidance and love so that all her dreams can come true.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Day 11

Meet Gina


Photo by: Elle Belle

Gina is an affectionate teen who enjoys individual attention. She would benefit from a positive role model who can provide her with support and guidance as she enters her teenage years.

A committed and unconditionally loving family who can provide educational support in a supportive and encouraging environment is preferred.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

Day 10

Meet Markel

Smiley and Niecy

Photo by: Patrick Dove
TCPalm/Treasure Coast Newspapers

Say hello to Markel. While staying fit in his spare time, Markel enjoys playing both basketball and football. School is an important part of Markel’s life and his favorite subject is Reading.

Markel’s favorite pastime is hanging out with his peers. While he certainly enjoys making new friends, he is also quite sensitive to what others think about him and is working hard to come to terms with his strong emotions. He will flourish with a family that can provide a strong - yet loving - guiding hand.

Markel’s wish for a forever family with a solid male role model could do wonders for his ultimate success.

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & the Treasure Coast

Day 9

Meet Jada


Photo by: Frank Avilla
Children's Home Society of Florida

Lovely Jada really enjoys being active. You might catch this teenager at the movies, going to the fair, roller skating, or listening to a music of all types. Some of her other interests include crocheting, drawing, watching television, playing video games or spending time on the computer. Additionally, Jada enjoys catching lizards and snakes, feeding them and then letting them go!

With a warm smile that will light up most any room, Jada has been described as bright, charming and outgoing with a sweet personality. She is friendly and enjoys conversation once she gets to know you. Jada's favorite foods include pizza, subs and candy. Very self aware with a style of her own, Jada's adoptive family's unconditional love and acceptance will do much to help this young lady increase her self confidence and reach her full potential.

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & the Treasure Coast

Day 8

Meet Smiley and Niecy

Smiley and Niecy

Smiley is a Haitian male who was born June of 2003. Smiley is a happy active young man that loves people. He gets along with people of all different backgrounds and interests. Smiley enjoys playing basketball and track. He loves music and dancing. Smiley is happy playing video games or building Legos while indoors. During outdoor time, he enjoys riding his bicycle or playing basketball. Smiley benefits from tutoring to help him with his math and reading skills. Smiley needs to be adopted with his sister, Niecy.

Niecy is a Haitian female born July of 2004. Niecy is a beautiful and gentle spirit, and brings others together. She enjoys all different types of arts and crafts. She enjoys reading or drawing while indoors. She enjoys riding her bicycle or going to the beach. Niecy is an Honor Roll student and always strives to do her best. Niecy is often described as a gift in the classroom due to her studious, and well behaved nature. Niecy needs to be adopted with her brother.

Niecy and Smiley would benefit from an active and loving family that can help keep them connected to their culture.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Day 7

Meet Mekdes


Photo by: Sara Kearney

Mekdes is beautiful young lady that would benefit greatly from a two parent, loving household with lots of patience and a strong education background. Mekdes would do well with a younger sibling, and an active family. Mekdes has a cultural background steeming from Africa that she would love to embrace, and a family to explore with her. Mekdes has requested a family with two parents, lots of children, and a sibling her own age. She would also like a mother who enjoys shopping, and fahter who is into traveling and learning new things.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Day 6

Meet Devontae


Devontae is a sweet, handsome young man who has a smile that can light up a room. Devontae is a very outgoing and active child who enjoys all types of sports. He is also very creative which is exhibited though his love of fashion and dance. Devontae loves to be the center of attention and would benefit from a family who has the time and patience to make Devontae the center of their world.

Heart Gallery Brevard

Day 5

Meet Sierra


Photo by: Sarah Stinson

Sierra is described as intelligent, outgoing, sweet, engaging, and sweet. She gets along well with others and makes friends easily. She is active and enjoys multiple activities including football and basketball, listening to music, cleaning, writing R&B and Rap songs, drawing, dancing, and swimming. Her favorite characters are Batman and SpongeBob and her favorite colors are red, white, and black. Sierra would benefit from a family that has time and ability to spend ample time with her, have a calm home environment, are understanding and nurturing, and a family who will be unconditionally committed to her.

Heartland for Children

Day 4

Meet Kendrick


Photo by: Partnership for
Strong Families

Kendrick is outgoing and enjoys everything the outdoors has to offer. He enjoys fishing, camping and team sports. Kendrick’s Partner Family describes him as friendly, calm and easy to please. He’s very polite to others. Kendrick would like the support of a strong male role model who can offer guidance and teach him important life skills. He’s looking forward to having someone to look up to. Kendrick would benefit from a family who is patient, structured and willing to assist him in meeting his educational goals. Above all, he hopes to have a family who will offer love and understanding when he needs it the most.

Partnership for Strong Families

Day 3

Meet Jason and Jarkis

Jason and Jarkis

Photo by: Partnership for
Strong Families

Jason and Jarkis want a family to complete their team! They’re looking for parents who will enjoy their endless energy and enthusiasm. Jason is a great teen who’s very caring towards his younger brother. He loves to spend time with Jarkis. Jason’s very active and enjoys playing basketball and team sports. On the weekend, he likes to ride his bike around the neighborhood and hang out with friends.

Like his big brother, Jarkis likes to play basketball and be outside. He can be a little shy at first, but he’s quick to open up. With friends and adults he trusts, he’s very energetic. Jarkis is looking forward to being part of a structured family with an active lifestyle. It’s important that Jason and Jarkis be adopted together. They’re looking forward to having loving, supportive parents who will advocate for their education. With a patient, loving family, they’re sure to succeed.

Partnership for Strong Families

Day 2

Meet Anthony


Kind, good sense of humor, helpful, mannerable, friendly, and active are key words that describe Anthony! This teenager loves sports, especially football and basketball. He also enjoys school, fishing, listening to music, and going to Church. Anthony truly wants to belong to a family who will love him for who he is and embrace and support all that is wonderful about him! He would benefit from a family who has ample time to provide him with one on one attention that he deserves and craves. He also would thrive in a family who is patient, structured yet flexible, and has a very positive and motivating parenting style and way of being.

Heartland for Children

Day 1

Meet Jazzman


Ready or not, here she comes. Meet Jazzman, an audacious young lady. Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, this girl never hides her emotions, which sometimes get the best of her.

We are looking for a committed family that can help this young lady find happiness. Jazzman would do best in a structured home environment where there is a lot love, patience, consistency and commitment.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County

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