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Day 30


Meet Joshua & Leon

Joshua and Leon

Photo by: Samantha Lowe Photo

When it comes to being the best big brother out there, Joshua takes the cake. In fact, when asked what three things he likes most about himself, he stated “I’m a good, big brother, I’m proud of going into the 6th grade, and I love how I dress”. He has a loving, protective nature, and a strong desire to ensure he and his brother are together and safe. Joshua is unique for his age in that he loves to help others and tends to put most people’s needs before his own. He’s an outgoing kid and loves talking to people and making them laugh. He loves basketball, playing Legos, and going to Adventure Island. He even just recently conquered his fear of going on the 70 ft waterslide!

Leon is a playful little guy who loves his big brother more than anything. He is a joy to be around and those who know him best all agree he has a natural ability to fill your heart, even without trying. Leon prefers smaller social settings over large gatherings as he can get easily overwhelmed when there is lots going on around him. Leon’s favorite thing to do is ride his scooter and he tries extremely hard in completing tasks and doing things on his own. Leon has worked diligently to improve his speech this year and is making progress every day.

Joshua and Leon have been through so much in their short lives. They both have a desire to give and receive love and look forward to being in a family setting. A structured family in a loving environment is best for these brothers. Any adoptive family will need to have a good understanding of Leon’s needs and continue to advocate for him and encourage any and all of his accomplishments along the way.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Meet Brandon


Photo by: BKN Creative

This young man’s optimism and engaging personality instantly draw you to him. Brandon is outgoing and makes friends easily. He’s confident, helpful and creative. Brandon’s not afraid to dance in public, likes to clean and is good at drawing! This outstanding young man hopes to be someone people look up to because he helped change the world.

Brandon loves the ocean and enjoys swimming but you won’t find him basking in the sun for long. Like many teens, he likes playing video games (especially Fortnite) and making videos on TikTok. Brandon enjoys all kinds of music but likes Hip Hop best. His favorite animals are birds and a family will need to be open to Brandon’s two, small feathered friends, Poseidon and Bluey.

On the celebrity front, Brandon looks up to Lizzo because she always motivates and encourages him. On the personal front, his two favorite people are his current and former case managers who he shares a close bond with. He is described as “a big sweetheart who you can’t help but love!” Brandon is excited about being adopted and looks forward to having life-long family connections. He would like to have siblings and a family who will love him (and his birds) unconditionally and refuse to give up on him.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Day 29


Meet Justice


Photo by: Jaimee Ponce Photography

Italy is the first destination on Justice’s travel itinerary. If he could have any superpower, it would be flying, which would be quite useful in traveling to Italy. With all that flying, he’d need some rest and says his perfect day would be spent sleeping. Justice’s favorite things are sports, specifically basketball, which he has a natural talent for!. He also loves music (rap and country), and animals. When he grows up, he wants to be a zookeeper.

Justice has a big heart and cares for others. Although he’s sometimes reserved and serious, once he gets comfortable, he’s quite talkative and friendly. Justice excels in school and enjoys participating in sports, especially track. He has a bright future ahead of him and has the potential to achieve great things.

The ideal family for Justice is will provide love and guidance while allowing him the freedom and independence to chart his own course.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Meet Peyton


Photo by: Pezz Photo

Peyton is a social butterfly and is quick to show you her adorable smile. She is extremely outgoing, loves to talk and meet new people, and is quite entertaining! Peyton loves to color and is very good at it. She also enjoys riding her bike, playing dolls, and playing school. She loves math and science and said she is pretty proud of the fact she learned her times tables this year. Peyton’s favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and said her friends would describe her as “friendly.”

Peyton would do best in a two parent family, preferably with older siblings. She will continue to blossom and thrive in a family who can provide the perfect balance of love, nurture, structure, discipline and consistency.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Day 28


Meet Diana


Diana is a child with average height and weight with light blonde hair. She enjoys interacting with others and has lots of friends at school. She does very well in high school. She has been described as genuine and forthcoming. Diana is very polite and energetic, and appears to be a normal teenager. She is interested in spending time outdoors, running and dance. When she is involved in projects she tries to assist where she can. Diana is excited about the prospect of being adopted.

Heart Gallery of Leon County

Meet Mason


Mason is a playful child to familiar faces. He likes to watch TV and his favorite show is Little Einsteins. He is energetic and likes to interact with caregivers. He tries to play the keyboard and likes playing with trucks that make sound. He loves to eat chicken nuggets and fries. He loves getting hugs from his caregiver. He gets very excited when he is dressed up to go out. mason requires constant medical care and he is non-verbal, but responds through facial gestures. Mason is in need of a family that will provide him with additional support, love and care. His family will need to be able to provide for all of his needs for his entire life.

Heart Gallery of Leon County

Day 27


Meet Ameera


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Ameera is a smart girl who can light up a room with her personality. She is into fashion and likes all things girly! Ameera likes to joke and dance around with her friends and is very motivated to do well in school. Ameera would thrive in a family who could support her goals and who would be able to give her the love she deserves.


Meet William


Photo by: Lauren Linahon Photography

William is a very kind, polite and talkative young man. He is very intelligent and liked to read. His favorite foods to eat are pizza and ice cream. If he were to have pets he would want at least one dog, but ideally three. One would be a pit bull with 3 specific names that he had chosen from a book series he is currently reading. Ideally, his future home would have lots of space to ride bikes and play. William comes from a large family, and would like his future family to include little brothers, because being looked up to makes him proud. He hopes that his adoptive mother will be an advocate for him, being an amazing cook, and love him no matter what. He hopes that his adoptive father would play sports with him. He is in the 11th grade and after high school he would like to go to school to be a mechanical engineer, as he loves the way things work. He is a great teenager open to and wanting a forever home.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Day 26


Meet Rosetta


Photo by: Ian Clontz, Historia Photography

Meet Rosetta! This friendly and polite girl is really into art singing and dancing. She enjoys staying up to date on the latest fashion trends. Rosetta always seems to put forth her best effort and maintains good grades in school. Rosetta is looking for her forever family who can support her as she matures in her teen years.


Meet Noah


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Meet Noah! This intelligent young man has a passion for music. He likes anything rock, rap or country. Noah plays the trombone and wishes to one day become a music teacher. He loves all Japanese and Chinese foods and like to play video games. Noah also know how to edit and make videos using photos and music. Noah would thrive in a home with a strong male presence and kids his own age or older. He is looking for the love that he deserves in a family to help guide him to be a successful young man.


Day 25


Meet Warren


Warren is a sweet boy who likes to be called by his middle name, Kyle. He enjoys playing with his toys and being at the pool. He can be very active and likes to run around outside. Warren is very loving and has the ability to bond with caregivers. Some of his favorite things are Cat in the Hat and Scooby doo. Warren needs a supportive family who can provide patience and structure.


Meet Katie


Meet Katie! Katie is sweet girl who warms up to you once she gets to know you. Katie enjoys gaming on her PlayStation with her friends and hip hop music. She loves all animals and has talked about wanting to possibly be a veterinarian when she gets older.


Day 24


Meet Marcus


Photo by: Reyna Group Home

Meet Marcus! Marcus likes to play basketball, football, running and bowling. He is outgoing and can make friends easily. He has been described as having a loving heart and shows the ability to bond with people. Marcus definitely leaves a lasting impression on others and is always smiling. He needs a special family that is willing to have the patience and loving hearts to provide him the stability he needs.


Meet Nathan


Meet Nathan! This boy loves sports such as football and basketball. When Nathan isn’t playing sports, he enjoys video games. He also likes listening to music, especially gospel songs. Nathan finds enjoyment helping people feel comfortable and happy.


Day 23


Meet Colton


Meet Colton! This mild-mannered young man enjoys music, art, and video games. He is learning to play the drums and also likes to work out at the gym. He has a great sense of humor and likes to laugh, act silly, and play pranks. He is close with his extended family whom he visits with regularly. He is looking for a forever family who will help him to maintain his relationships with those he loves while also providing him with support, stability and unconditional love.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Elijah and siblings

Elijah and siblings

Photo by: Marissa Moss Photography

Elijah loves to watch TV and his favorite shows are Pinocchio and Looney Tunes. He loves drawing, playing with puppets, and is fascinated with ventriloquists. His perfect day would be spent at Disney World meeting his favorite character, Mickey Mouse. One day, Elijah hopes to be a puppet master and if he could jump on an airplane and fly anywhere, it would be to meet Slappy the Puppet.

Maurissa says her friends would describe her as “A girl with curly black hair, a pretty smile, dark brown eyes, and her edges are always on fleek.” She’s still deciding on her future career path but is considering being a lawyer, a fashion designer, or a hairstylist. For fun, Maurissa enjoys cheering and running. If fame were to come her way, she’d like it to be for just “being herself.” She would like her adoptive family to know “I laugh a lot. My favorite snack is Takis. I love chicken nuggets and French fries, with honey mustard.

Omar is the caretaker of the group and always makes sure his siblings are well taken care of. He likes to play football, swim, and play video games. Omar is most proud when he wins at Fornite and likes listening to rap. He’s not picky when it comes to a dream vacation, as long as it’s on an island. He’d like his adoptive family to know he’s a “good kid.”

This athletic young man is ALL about football! Jayson loves playing football. His perfect day would be spent…playing football all day. When he grows up he wants to…. play football. One day he’d like to be famous for… playing football. For fun, he likes to… play football. As a side note: Jayson also likes playing basketball, is a fast runner, enjoys playing video games, and likes dogs. AND did we mention, he LOVES football?

Andrew loves swimming, riding his bike, listening to music, and playing all day. He’s proud of being strong and a fast swimmer. Andrew’s favorite animal is a hippo. His favorite book is about a hippo, and when he grows up, he wants to be a hippo. He hopes his adoptive family has a hippo and a sense of humor.

This dynamic sibling group hopes to find a FUN family who will value their sibling bond while encouraging their individuality.

Heart Gallery of Tampa

Day 22


Meet Kaleb


Photo by: Nicole Redford

Meet Kaleb! He is an active child who is learning to balance and coordinate his movements as he runs, jumps, and climbs. Routines are important to Kaleb and he enjoys playing outside with action figures and other toys. Kaleb also enjoys watching cartoons such as Paw Patrol and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He is learning how to verbally communicate his needs and wants and is able to positively engage with his caregiver whom he trusts. Kaleb is looking for a nurturing and empathetic family that can provide him with consistency, structure, and love and commit to providing him with support throughout his life.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Angel


Photo by: DCM Palm Beach County

Angel is an active teenager who enjoys art, dance, and collecting books. While she is very introverted she enjoys expressing herself through her creativity.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 21


Meet Jandel


Photo by: Adeline Campbell

Jandel is an active and determined teen who dreams of joining the military. He sings well and was previously involved in chorus at his school. He now chooses to focus his time on ROTC to best help him with his future career goals. Jandel is open to adoption and would like a family who would allow him to keep in contact with his older siblings with whom he recently re-connected.

Meet Jah’Raye


Jah’Raye is an adorable little boy who absolutely loves wrestling. He loves watching WWE and can talk for hours about the matches he has watched. When he isn’t watching wresting on television, he is reenacting each episode with his action figures. Jah’Raye is close with his caregiver and is in contact with extended family. He is learning to process his emotions in a positive manner but is sometimes frustrated when things don’t go his way. Jah’Raye is looking for a family that will love him unconditionally and help him to be the champion that he is inside.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 20


Meet Joshua


Photo by: Sierra Ford Photography

Joshua is best described as a kind and caring teenager. Joshua can be shy and quiet when you first meet him, but warms up as he becomes more comfortable. Like many of his peers, Joshua enjoys video games where he has developed a network of friends who share the same passion for video games. Joshua also enjoys the peaceful art of fishing. Joshua struggles in school. He does better in school with one on one direction. Joshua is considered to be well liked by his peers and has even earned a citizenship award in school. Joshua has aspirations of creating his own video game one day. Joshua longs to belong to a family to call his own. Joshua would do best with a family who are open to him maintaining contact with his older siblings.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Meet Chalaya


Photo by: Lauren Linahon Photography

Meet Chalaya who is outgoing, alert and friendly. Her favorite color is red and she likes going to McDonalds, where she orders a bacon cheeseburger, with fries and a vanilla milkshake. Her dream vacation would be to the beach to hang out. If she were to pick any pet, it would be a puffy dog named Snow. Chalaya loves to dance, especially Hip Hop dancing! She likes to be with her friends, and like all teenage ladies, she is interested in all things social media. She is working hard at school, where she receives educational services and attends tutoring to help her achieve her best. Attending college is part of her future plans. She recently expressed an interest in learning more about doing hair and is going to shadow a hairdresser for some experience and tips. She is an incredibly approachable child and would like to have a family that she is able to trust and love.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Day 19


Meet Omarion


Omarion is a friendly and a polite boy who can be charming, and fun to be around. Omarion has a healthy appetite and is active. He enjoys participating in games and plays with peers. He bonds to others and is close to the caregiver. Omarion looks forward to having his own forever family and has expressed is interested in being adopted. Caregivers share that for the most part, Omarion is a quiet person, but can be loud at times. His caregiver's feel that he is doing well and that his behaviors are controllable and he can be redirected easily. Despite making great strides at home, the school setting can be a challenge for Omarion and he will need to continue specialized education classes in school. Omarion's favorite subjects are math and spelling. With the support of his educational team and forever family, it is likely that he can reach his full potential both academically and emotionally. Omarion would benefit from a family who can provide unconditional love, exude patience, set clear boundaries and provide supervision and guidance to this active child. We are seeking a family that has 2 caregivers, with preference for families where Omarion will be the youngest or only child.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Preston


Photo by: Sierra Ford Photography

Preston is a special young man. He will melt your heart with his million dollar smile. Preston loves to play video games and is very fond of trucks. He can be very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Preston would be a wonderful addition to any family. He is able to build great bonds and understands events occurring in his environment. Preston has a medical condition which impedes his emotional and social development. Preston is non-verbal but can make his point come across. Preston needs a permanent family who can commit to him unconditionally.

Heart Gallery of Central Florida

Day 18


Meet Anthony


Anthony is an outgoing boy with a variety of interests. Described as highly intelligent, Anthony thrives on positive attention and opportunities to release his energy and engage him in thought. He enjoys playing outside with friends and participating in sports. He is interested in playing soccer but has never played on a team. Anthony also enjoys music. Anthony feels a strong connection to his biological family and his hoping to find an adoptive family that is comfortable with helping him to express his feelings in a positive manner. Anthony has had some challenges with his behavior in the past and is in need of educational support to help keep him on track. With appropriate guidance and encouragement, Anthony has the ability to exceed even the highest expectations.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Eric


Photo by: Adeline Campbell

Eric is an active and energetic teen! He loves NASCAR and hopes to be a racecar driver when he is older. He is eagerly anticipating getting his driver’s license in order to start practicing for his dream. Eric also enjoys building and puts together Lego sets. Eric is a determined young man who knows that the family for him is out there just waiting to be found. He would do best in a family who would not only support him now but also continue to offer him additional support and guidance throughout his life.

Day 17


Meet Audrey


Meet Audrey! She's an outgoing teen that thrives on positive reinforcement and attention. She loves to be in charge and would benefit from having positive guidance to help her reach her personal goals. Like other teenage girls, Audrey enjoys friends, school dances and watching television. Audrey would benefit from a family who is open to birth sibling connections which would include calls, visits and social media contact.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Amari


Meet Amari! An adorable boy who enjoys being held, listening to music and being read to. Amari has medical needs which will require a committed family to offer him unyielding support, be ready to advocate for his needs being met and be willing to provide lifelong care and medical attention or decision making.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 16


Meet Julian


Julian is an independent teen who likes do his own thing. He loves Marvel Comic movies, playing video games, watching television, playing outside, going on outings, and playing sports. Julian would benefit from a family who will help him focus on the future and teach him how to plant the seeds to see his dreams grow.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Rafael


Photo by: Nicole Redford

Meet Rafael! This young man enjoys drawing, football, and roller-skating. He is learning how to process his past experiences and is working toward a positive and bright future. He is in need of a family that can support him academically as well as emotionally. Interested families should have the ability to be frequently available to meet with his team and provide positive and consistent support.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 15


Meet Braidyn


Photo by: Miami Heart Gallery

Braidyn is a charming boy who loves what all teenage boys love doing. He enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He needs a structured and disciplined family willing to invest their time and love into a boy who has dealt with a lot of instability.

Pinellas Heart Gallery

Meet Wylan


Photo by: Heart Gallery

Wylan loves twirling shoelaces, beads, and strings. He enjoys playing games on his tablet. Wylan thrives on consistency and will need a family ready to encourage and engage him on his terms. Wylan would benefit from being in a two-parent home that is committed to allowing him to explore the world around him and teach him how to grow and mature by showing him love and compassion.

Pinellas Heart Gallery

Day 14


Meet Lashanta


Lashanta was born in February 2003. She is an African American female. She is a medically needy child that will need constant love and support. Lashanta will need a family who will continue to support her in her goals to improve her speech, motor skills and physical functioning. While she does require full care and is unable to care for herself, she has done wonderfully well in her current home. She is a happy teenage girl who will require a family willing to love and care for her for her entire life.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Melinda


Photo by: Lucie Pelissier

Meet Melinda! This creative teen has a variety of interests. Her hobbies include journaling, sketching, stepping, styling hair and makeup and sewing purses and headbands. She would like to be a journalist one day. She has written two books. In her free time, Melinda enjoys watching crime dramas on television.

Day 13


Meet Jonathan


Jonathan is an independent young man with leadership qualities. Articulate and outgoing, he can be quite charming. Jonathan enjoys taking risks and has a good sense of humor. Jonathan is learning to appreciate how his actions affect his life and he has big dreams for the future.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Jaden


Jaden is outgoing young man with a big personality and great smile. He enjoys one on one attention, swimming, riding bikes, and drawing. Jaden has missed out on a lot of opportunities and is hoping to find a family that will support him as he becomes a teenager.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 12


Meet Andrea


Photo by: Elli Belle Photography

Andrea is a motivated young lady who wants to succeed. She has experienced a lot of ups and downs and hopes to find a family that truly understands her. Andrea is outgoing and assertive. She enjoys attending church and her favorite food is pizza. She has a sister in foster care who she cares about deeply and fostering this relationship is important to her. Andrea also enjoys shopping, getting her nails done and spending time with friends.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Leyla


Photo by: Studio One To One - Wellington

Leyla is an outgoing girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She enjoys doing her makeup and attending church. She is fascinated by history, theatre and acting. Leyla also likes to draw. Leyla thrives on positive attention and is in need of loving and firm guidance to keep her on track. She is seeking a forever family that is patient and can work with providers to help her reach her full potential.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Day 11


Meet Jessica


Photo by: Heartland for Children

Meet Jessica! Jessica loves animals and has dreams of becoming a Veterinarian or owning her own pet shop. Jessica is described by those who know her as very kind and sweet. Jessica enjoys braiding hair and loves stuffed animals. Some of her favorite sports include soccer, football, and wall ball! Jessica would thrive in a home that is structured yet flexible and nurturing.

Heartland for Children Heart Gallery

Meet Joshua


Photo by: Heartland For Children

Joshua is described as warm, loving, helpful young man with a big heart. He enjoys many activities including tennis, football, video games, watching movies, and dancing. His favorite characters are Iron Man and the Transformers. He likes almost every type of food, but especially enjoys pizza and salad. This smart young man would do well in a loving home where family members have time to devote to him, are positive, active, nurturing and patient. Joshua would do particularly well in a family who are able to have stability in their home with structure and routine.

Heartland for Children Heart Gallery

Day 10


Meet Jada


Photo by: Heartland For Children

The perfect day for Jada would be one where she could be pampered by going shopping and getting her hair and nails done. Jada is described by those who know her as caring, kind, and lovable. Jada enjoys doing household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Jada has plans of becoming a licensed cosmetologist. Jada dreams of one day traveling to Paris and Hawaii. Jada will thrive in a family that is nurturing and interactive.

Heartland for Children Heart Gallery

Meet Jishua


Jishua delights everyone who comes into contact with him. He always greets people with a big smile and has a huge heart! Jishua enjoys gymnastics and has even started his own cheerleading squad in school. Jishua also loves life’s simple pleasures. For instance, he enjoys being outside and likes swimming. When he’s indoors, Jishua listens to Spanish music which is his favorite. Jishua is bi-lingual and speaks Spanish fluently. The Cat in The Hat is Jishua’s all-time favorite movie! Jishua would do well in a family who are active, structured yet flexible, nurturing, and have a strong support system.

Heartland for Children Heart Gallery

Day 9


Meet Steven


Photo by: MHG

Nice, happy, and kind are the words Steven uses to describe himself. Perhaps it’s the reason he has so many friends at school – or maybe it’s the mischievous twinkle he gets in his eyes when he talks about how much he enjoys acting silly and making people laugh.

Steven aspires to be great at anything he does. Whether he becomes a security guard or basketball player, he sees honor in hard work. He also enjoys math and team sports like football, soccer, and track.

His favorite day includes taking pictures and spending time with the people he loves. If he can do those things at Cici’s Pizza, Golden Corral or Dave and Busters, it would be even better.

Snakes top Steven’s dislikes list, but overall, he likes to be “fresh and cool.” He says his best friends Alex and Enzel can tell you just how much.

Miami Heart Gallery

Meet Zachary


Photo by: MHG

Born during the holiday season Zachary is a literal gift to be around. Very amicable and optimistic, Zachary enjoys being around people. As an autistic child, Zachary is often extremely thoughtful before answering questions, but he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to naming his favorite video game, Minecraft.

A lover of music, football and fishing, Zachary also enjoys going to the mall and the park. He’s also happy just being at home or hanging out with his best friend, George, to listen to tunes and eat lunch together.

His attentiveness when speaking to someone is underscored by his great eye contact and his favorite subject in school is math. When it comes to cuisine, his favorite foods include eating breakfast for dinner, cheeseburgers, and chicken nuggets.

Miami Heart Gallery

Day 8


Meet Paul


Photo by: Miami Heart Gallery

Paul is a very loving child. He loves toys and books. He is very intelligent and is eager to learn as much as he can. He has sibling visitation with his sister weekly. He would strongly benefit from a two parent home, one which can provide him with the structure and dedication towards strengthening his educational development.

Miami Heart Gallery

Meet Sandra


Photo by: Aubrey Chandler

Sandra is a beautiful girl that loves to smile and her laugh is infectious. She is a very loving little girl and loves to play with her dolls. Sandra likes to play "dress up" and likes to have her nails polished. Despite having educational delays, Sandra loves school and loves to interact with her teachers and classmates. Sandra is seeking a forever family that has tons of patience.

Miami Heart Gallery

Day 7


Meet Quisten


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Quisten is described as a very loving, affectionate child who is fond of hugs. He strives to be helpful and is well-mannered. Quisten is also friendly and outgoing; he appreciates spending time with others and making them laugh. He enjoys watching movies and playing video games. Quisten also enjoys being outside and riding ATVs. Quisten would do best in a home that is structured yet loving forever family that will help him grow into the young man that he wants to be. Quisten would benefit from a family who will encourage him to excel in school and would do best in a home with older siblings who can be a role model for him.

Families First Network

Meet Keshundra, Keith, Rayne, Raymond and Ray’ciyiah

Keshundra, Keith, Rayne, Raymond and Ray’ciyiah

Photo by: Miami Heart Gallery

Keshundra has been described as being caring, maternal to her younger siblings and having a strong personality. She loves to dance, draw, sing and play outside with her siblings. Keshundra's favorite pass time is listening to music and singing karaoke. The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child's specific needs.

Keith is the oldest brother of this group. He has been described as being a gamer because he loves to play his play station. Keith loves to rap and sing. He wants to be a rapper when he grows up. The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child's specific needs.

Rayne is the 3rd child in this sibling group. Rayne has been described as being organized, intelligent and a good singer. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite animals are dogs and small cats. Rayne loves to draw and play outside. The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child's specific needs.

Ray'Ciyiah has been described as being a caring, shy and friendly child. She loves to play outside and go to the park. Ray'Ciyiah also loves to draw and listen and dance to music. The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child's specific needs.

Raymond is the youngest child in this sibling group. Raymond has been described as being caring, and he likes to receive and give hugs and kisses. He like to ride his bike, listen and dance to music and play outside. Raymond has a history of being scared of animals. His favorite superhero is Spiderman. The siblings would all like to be adopted together in a home which provides them with the love, structure and an environment for them to blossom and grow. This family needs to be patient and understanding to each child's specific needs.

Miami Heart Gallery

Day 6


Meet Tyson


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Happy, helpful and funny best describes Tyson! He is a friendly boy with a quirky personality and enjoys making others smile. Tyson likes watching cartoons, especially Pokémon. He loves Pokemon so much that when asked what cartoon character he would want to be he picked Pikachu! Tyson also likes to color and play outside. He dreams of becoming a police officer one day and would really get a kick out of driving a Lamborghini on patrol! Tyson dreams of finding a forever family that will help him experience visiting New York City and the Central Park Zoo.

Families First Network

Meet Anthony


Anthony is a very sweet and loving boy. He is talkative and can be quite witty with his words. He enjoys playing with cars, trucks and games on his tablet. Anthony has complex medical needs that will require long-term care. He will thrive with a family who is patient, loving and willing to support him and meet his medical needs. Anthony has a great spirit and is full of smiles. He is the kind of child that will enrich your life forever!

Families First Network

Day 5


Meet Brianna


Photo by: Godfrey Mead

Meet Brianna, a lovely young lady with a great personality. Brianna is a respectful and sweet young lady who is very social. Brianna enjoys music and loves to interact with her peers. Brianna is your typical teenager in that she enjoys getting her hair and nails done. Brianna would do well in a family that has other children in the home because she would love to have brothers and sisters. Brianna also does well with one on one attention and positive reinforcement.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Grace


Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Meet Grace! If you want every day to start with a smile, there’s no doubt Grace will bring one to your face. She greets everyone with a big smile and has been described as one of the happiest children you will ever meet. Her spirit is like no other, and the rewards of her love and smiles will be endless. A very social girl, Grace loves to interact with children and adults. Grace likes going to school, and her favorite subject is history. She is very proud of what she learns at school and enjoys sharing stories from her day. Grace is on the Autism spectrum and the special family for Grace must be willing to learn how to meet her needs and be willing to accept a lifetime commitment. If you are that family, please don’t miss out on another minute without this wonderful girl! Grace is the kind of child that will enrich your life forever.

Families First Network

Day 4


Meet Ava


Photo by: Foster Parent

Ava is an adorable, shy, and loving little girl. She has a sweet and delightful personality. She enjoys playing with her tablet. Ava has proven to be a fighter and will win your heart over when you meet her. Ava participates in services to aid her in reaching to her full developmental potential. The adoptive family must be willing to seek out and continue support services that are beneficial to Ava's current and future developmental needs. Ava will benefit most from an adoptive family that can provide her with a loving and supportive home, lifelong. She will need a strong adoptive family that can provide for all her special needs. Through a committed family, she will continue to make progress. Ava is a very lovable child that desires a permanent home.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Enoch


Photo by: John Temple

Enoch is a friendly, outgoing, and caring young man. He is gregarious, considerate of others, and is a real team-player. He has formed lasting friendships with peers, teachers, and counselors he has encountered throughout his life. Enoch has a wide, bright smile and joins in activities very enthusiastically. Enoch is very intelligent, and, despite his visual needs, he is keenly aware of his surroundings and the feelings of others. Enoch has participated in several musical productions and is currently taking private bass guitar lessons. Enoch participates in many activities enjoyed by sighted children. Enoch enjoys basketball, swimming, music, and electronic games. Enoch also loves pets and enjoys walking the dogs in the yard.

Enoch is primarily a braille reader and uses audio as his secondary method of learning. One of Enoch's preferred classes is math, because working with numbers come easily to him. Enoch uses his incredible memory to do quite a bit of mental math. Enoch likes a school setting and attending class with other students. Enoch wishes he could attend a school which specializes in the education of children with visual needs.

Enoch really comes to life in the company of friends and peers. Enoch never forgets a friend and his friends never forget him. Enoch recognizes old friends after they have spoken only a few words.

The ideal family for Enoch will be one that loves him unconditionally, gives him a sense of belonging and permanency, provides proper guidance and counselling, ensures continuation of treatment, and affords him the opportunities and encouragement to further develop his talents, relationship skills and moral character.

The ideal family for Enoch will be one that loves him unconditionally, gives him a sense of belonging and permanency, provides proper guidance and counselling, ensures continuation of treatment, and affords him the opportunities and encouragement to further develop his talents, relationship skills and moral character.

Any additional information to be included: Enoch has an older half-brother with whom he has a strong relationship and wishes to maintain contact.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Day 3


Meet Jacques


Photo Credit: Heart Gallery

Meet Jacques, a wonderful young man who has a bubbly personality and he is playful and energetic. This young man is ready to go outside, play games, cook, fix anything that needs and play sports. Jacques would benefit from a structured after school activity program. Jacques has a brother and sister, and it is very important for anyone who adopts Jacques to maintain contact with his siblings. Jacques requires assistance with special education services and needs an adoptive parent to be a strong educational advocate for him. Jacques would benefit from a loving family that is ready to help him heal from his past and prepare him for a bright future.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Meet Kimoni


Photo by: Child Advocate V. Sheawood

Meet Kimoni! He is an 11 year male child, that loves dancing, playing with his made up drums, playing and watching basketball, and watching football. His favorite teams are the Seattle Hawks, The New York Giants and the Chicago Bulls. He is very observant and an extrovert child. His favorite subject in school is Science and looks forward to learning. Kimoni loves to play and interact with other children. The So and So show from Calvary Chapel makes him laugh the most. Going to Legoland has been by far his favorite vacation. He would love to go to the NBA gym since he aspires to be a professional Basketball player and St. Augustine. His Christian faith is very important to him. He also plans to go to college and study Chemistry.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

Day 2


Meet Stephanie


Photo by: Children’s Home Society

Stephanie is a creative and artistic young lady who enjoys drawing, listening to music, and going shopping at the mall. Stephanie is a big fan of roller coaster parks and fairs. She hopes to someday visit Universal Studios and Sea World. Stephanie has dreams of attending cosmetology school or becoming a mental health technician. Stephanie is open to considering a family outside of Florida. Stephanie would benefit from a family who is fun, caring, supporting, and understanding. Stephanie needs the love and guidance of a forever family to help her into adulthood and to reach her full potential. Please consider making Stephanie a part of your family!

Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast

Meet Christian and Cha’mar

Christian and Cha’mar

Photo by: Mark Burgarelli

Meet Christian and his younger brother, Cha'mar! Christian is said to be a very good football player but his favorite sport is soccer. Christian is described by his caregiver as having an entrepreneurial spirit. Christian likes to play video games and wants to have his own YouTube channel one day. Christian likes animals and hopes to someday have his own dog. Cha'mar is described as lighthearted and athletic by his caregiver. Cha'mar could be a gymnast someday as his flips and cartwheels are very impressive. Cha'mar enjoys playing video games, skating, and bowling. Cha'mar likes to swim but would prefer a pool over the beach. Cha'mar also likes to ride scooters outside with Christian. The children have a very close bond and value the time they spend together. They would thrive in a loving, consistent, and nurturing home. Perhaps you could be that family who can help these sweet brothers grow to meet their full potential.

Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast

Day 1


Meet Jonathan


Photo by: A House Visuals

Say hi to Jonathan! Jonathan describes himself as having a big personality and is a lover of art, music, and fashion. Jonathan is such a fan of fashion that he hopes to be a fashion designer when he gets older. In his spare time, Jonathan likes reading, playing video games, and listening to music. Michael Jackson is Jonathan's favorite musician. Jonathan enjoys spending time at the beach and especially likes going to waterparks. Due to his love of fashion, Jonathan dreams of traveling to France someday. Jonathan is looking for a mother and father who will support him as he journeys through his teenage years. Above all else, Jonathan is in need of a family that will stay by his side no matter what and love him unconditionally. Please consider making Jonathan a part of your family!

Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast

Meet William


Photo by:Children’s Home Society

Say howdy to William! This young man describes himself as silly and adventurous. William considers himself a "country boy" who enjoys 4 wheelers, mudding, and country music. He proudly proclaims that Blake Shelton is one of the all-time best country music singers. William enjoys working on cars and knows how to do general maintenance such as changing the tires and battery. William loves spicy foods and says "the hotter the better". William is very athletic and likes football, soccer, and baseball. William hopes to join the police academy after high school. He is also interested in a career with the Navy Seals. William would like a family that can help him grow to meet his full potential. With the right influence from a loving and dedicated family, William certainly has the potential to achieve his goals and dreams.

Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast

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